About us

Starting in 1997, two entrepreneurs, Brian Fiorletta, and Tim Welfle started Blue Chip Machine & Tool, Ltd at a location on George St. in Sandusky, Ohio. After working for years at Stein Inc, the two enterprising men decided to start Blue Chip Machine & Tool Ltd. Their mission has been to, "provide our customers with high quality machined parts as quickly as possible - and to always ensure that orders are met to the exact specifications of our customers the first time."


In 2001, Blue Chip Machine & Tool, Ltd expanded to meet their growing customer base, moving from their small shop on George St. to a brand new 10,000 square foot facility on Venice Rd. At their current location Blue Chip Machine & Tool, Ltd houses 21 pieces of advanced equipment to meet their customer's exact needs - including 10 CNC machines for high precision orders.